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    Nanosats and Smallsats: SpaceX and Starlink

    Nearly all spacecraft launched in 2021 were smallsats and nanosats, 94% of those launched and 43% of the total upmass. Compare that to only...

    5G and Altimeters: The Problem With Interference

    Have you ever wondered exactly how an aircrew tells how far they are above the ground? While most higher altitude readings use air pressure...

    Sustainable Space

    What can we do to both reduce the environmental impact of the space industry on Earth, as well as ensure a sustainable future as we move to the stars?

    High-Tech Supply Chains: Harnessing AI for Efficiency

    When you need something, where does it come from? And what does machine learning and artificial intelligence have to do with you getting that new pair of sneakers?

    Startup of the Week: Seevix

    Seevix is poised to revolutionize the materials science field, with applications in aerospace and biotech.

    Space Tourism is on the rise.

    The Florida based company Space Perspective recently raised $40,000,000 for their goal of creating what they call “the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience.” The...

    Space investors see into the future

    The amount of money that is going to be raised around the space tech industry is aimed to grow considerably over the next decade....

    The Space accelerator finalists for the $100K price

    The business accelerator called “Hyperspace” has announced their finalists to compete for the $100,000 worth of prizes. Thirteen startups and 11 universities, all based...

    NASA is failing to see the paradigm shift Starship will bring

    SpaceX’s Starship is a reusable and refuellable rocket that will be both cheaper to make and to use than all other space vehicles. Throughout...

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