Remote Sensing: ASTERRA, Startup of the Week

    The ability to find water on an alien planet is critical to future endeavors in space. Water is literally life; from sustaining human habitation...

    Sustainable Space

    What can we do to both reduce the environmental impact of the space industry on Earth, as well as ensure a sustainable future as we move to the stars?

    Raising the New Tomorrow

    Jan 2003, the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, launched to space onboard STS-107 was an inspiring moment in the history of Israel. The...

    NASA and the Australian Government partner up for a moon mission

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is committed to the proliferation of the space industry. After investing more than $700 million in the space industry,...

    The Space accelerator finalists for the $100K price

    The business accelerator called “Hyperspace” has announced their finalists to compete for the $100,000 worth of prizes. Thirteen startups and 11 universities, all based...

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