Honda is after flying vehicles, avatar robots, and rockets

    Like many other automakers, Honda is looking to take their business in another direction: up. The Japanese automaker has announced its efforts to manufacture an electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL). While still in the earliest phases of development, Honda has already determined that the engine will be hybrid rather than purely electric. 

    Honda’s eVTOL design. Credit: Honda

    This is not Honda’s only attempt to get sci-fi technology into consumers’ hands. Using technology they invented in the 2000s, Honda is developing a humanoid robot capable of performing precise mechanical tasks with the ease and flexibility of a human. 

    How the circulative renewable energy system works. Credit: JAXA/Honda

    Although it is yet to be seen if the Japanese company will be able to get their technology off the ground, the trend of established automakers expanding into territory that was previously confined to the outskirts of science fiction is a promising sign for all involved in futuristic technology. 

    Honda’s ASIMO. Credit: Honda

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