The Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship project, named after the first women of Indian descent to go to space, has announced their five top scholars at the International Space University (ISU). The scholarship is dedicated to the advancement of Indian women in technical fields and leadership positions. Chawla, born in 1962 in the modern day state of Haryana, died alongside six crewmates in the 2003 Columbia disaster. 

    The graduating recipients of the scholarship include:

    Richal Abhang. A mechanical engineering student working on vibration isolation and dampening systems.

    Sucheshana Patil. A researcher at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Methodist, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

    Dr Saswati Das. A biochemist from India who advocated for the usage of an evidence based COVID testing strategy

    Monica Ekal. A PHD Student at Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal. She is researching Dynamic Uncertainty and has 7 published works

    Dr Garima Patel. A physiotherapist working in neurological rehabilitation who founded Movement Inspirant Pvt. Ltd. 


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