“Startup of the Week”: Nipendo

    An interview with Nipendo’s CEO Eyal Rosenberg

    How did you come up with the idea for this startup?

    “Nipendo was founded with our passion to automate processes, replace tedious manual activities with AI and software bots. 

    We identified the challenges in the Purchase-to-Pay space where enterprises were flooded with SaaS applications offered to replace deficiencies in their existing ERP systems, and with the assumption that their suppliers will align and use their customer’s SaaS applications outside their existing systems.

    This concept didn’t make sense to us, and we know it can’t scale.

    What we wanted to achieve was a way for customers to collaborate with their suppliers while using their existing systems and existing P2P processes through an intelligent intermediator that will simplify and streamline interactions with all their supplier base, and make sure all suppliers benefit as well. 

    This idea got us excited.  We saw the opportunity to disrupt the way enterprises run their procure-to-pay processes and manage supplier relationships.  Amongst Nipendo’s first customers we were privileged to sign the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), the largest Aerospace & Defense enterprise in Israel and throughout the first couple of years we have enhanced our platform capabilities with their guidance to support even the most complexed procurement, supply-chain and finance processes in the Aerospace & Defense market.”  

    “We saw the opportunity to disrupt the way enterprises run their procure-to-pay processes and manage supplier relationships.”

    Is this your first experience with deep tech \ aerospace?

    “Nipendo is the 3rd deep tech venture I founded. My first tech venture started in 1999 with a software technology supporting the emerging B2B Marketplace realm. One of our biggest customer back then was an electronic components marketplace serving the Aerospace & Defense market. Hence my education about this vertical as an entrepreneur starts early on in my career as a founder of a startup venture.”

    Who are your team members, and how did you form the team?

    “The co-founder and CTO is Alon, my younger brother. We are a team of over 70 top professionals, each in his area of practice. A big family. We are all highly excited about automating supply chain and finance processes for large enterprises”

    Did Covid have any effect on your decision to start the company or activity?

    “Nipendo was founded long before COVID hit erupted but as we all know it impacted procurement and supply chain significantly and as a hyperautomation platform we see how our technology helps our customers overcome the hurdles and increase their competitive advantage. We also see a faster adoption of hyperautomation technologies by enterprises especially in the procurement, supply chain, finance and payments space, all of which is a part of nipendo’s offering.”

    How do you feel about the responsibility of leading such a startup?

    “Nipendo’s hyperautomation platform for RFP to Payment processes becomes a strategic weapon, for all our customers, in the competition battle, enabling them to win and lead. This makes my leadership responsibility even more challenging and interesting. I am honored and excited to be in a leadership position of such a company.”

    Where do you see your company in 5 years from now?

    In 5 years from now Nipendo will be a dominant player in the RFP-to-Payment process automation space, a major contributor to sustainability and green business environment.

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