Startup of the Week: Seevix

    Materials science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the realm of tech, and rightly so. Throughout history, humanity has grasped for the stars with whatever came to hand. Without fail, our ability to imagine was far out ahead of what we could bring into reality. The tension of knowing a thing is possible and not being able to do it drives applied sciences and technology and nowhere is that more evident than in materials science. From forging iron instead of bronze to modern ultralight and ultrastrong composites, the stuff we use to build is the limiting factor in what we can create.

    Seevix…can revolutionize the industry…

    Dr. Shlomzion Shen, SEEVIX CEO

    Now, a company called Seevix promises to bring us one step closer to achieving what science tells us is possible. Space Tech Nation had a chance for an exclusive interview with Dr. Shlomzion Shen, Co-Founder, and CEO of Seevix Spidersilk Innovations.

    [Space Tech Nation] How did you come up with the idea for this startup?

    [Dr. Shlomzion Shen] Seevix was founded in 2014 after I obtained exclusive worldwide rights to a Hebrew University patent, holding the promise to revolutionize material science by using spider silk’s unique natural properties to create innovative high-performance products that improve people’s lives.

    [STN] Is this your first experience with deep tech/aerospace?

    [DSS] Seevix has been in contact with aerospace leaders and believes that it can revolutionize the industry by using its high strength, durable, sustainable SVX spider silk to offer superior surface quality and better manufacturability, while retaining the lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber, thus making SVX composites extremely suitable for fuselages, fins, and stabilizers.

    In addition, SVX spider silk can be used in textiles for seat upholstery and interior parts, thereby improving:

    Resistance to stress

    Resistance to abrasion

    Resistance to UV radiation

    Resistance to external temperature and humidity

    Resistance to static electricity and peeling

    Resistance to bacterial and viral contamination

    Moreover, SVX can be used to enhance aircraft acoustics and to provide better filtration systems for the removal of airborne viruses.

    [STN] Who are the team members and how was the team formed?

    [DSS] We are passionate about science, and our remarkable multidisciplinary R&D team of top-notch biologists, chemists, and engineers, handpicked by me, strives for cutting-edge innovation. Similarly, our scientific and strategic advisors are among the best in Israel.

    [STN] In the future, would you sell (exit) or rather build a large company? (optional)

    [DSS] Currently, our emphasis is on growing our science, advancing our collaborations with industry leaders, and achieving meaningful market penetration in multiple industries. In the future, we will consider whether we prefer an exit or an IPO, all in accordance with the best interests of our shareholders.

    [STN] Did Covid have any effect on your decision to start the company or activity?

    [DSS] Seevix was incorporated before the onset of Covid. More recently, Covid has slowed the activity of some of our collaborators and affected some of our equipment procurement efforts, but on the whole, we have managed to cope with this situation.

    [STN] How do you feel about the responsibility of leading such a startup?

    [DSS] I regard my role as co-founder and CEO of Seevix as the culmination of many years working in the biotech industry in top managerial roles.

    [STN] Who are your ideal partners?

    [DSS] Our ideal partners are industry leaders seeking to take advantage of the high-performance properties of our synthetic spider silk in their products to maintain their industry-leading status.

    [STN] Where do you see your company 5 years from now?

    [DSS] The company will have established strategic partnerships with corporations and market leaders in various industries selling next-generation products that can change our lives.

    [STN] What would you consider as success?

    [DSS] Success will come to us in many ways.

    • By contributing to a more sustainable world by helping to manufacture stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly products.
    • By assisting our collaborators in maintaining their industry leadership positions;
    • By helping to create products that meaningfully benefit human health and well-being;
    • By rewarding our shareholders.

    Learn more about Seevix’s revolutionary technology here, follow their progress, and don’t forget to tell us here at SpaceTechNation what you think in the comments!


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